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Well, my galley is a collection of my favorite photos. My sweet little angel 'DIVA' is the focus here. Haven't kept all her photos but 've put some favorite ones. Some of my pictures with Bona is here too.

Diva's Delight

Smile that seems to me

Those Days

A Moment from the PAST, those days and the cool place we use to hang out

Black n White Smile

Sweet Child O' Mine, Sweet Love O' Mine

Sleeping Child

Must have lost somewhere in her dreams

Her Eyes; tells a story

I just can't stop look into her innocent n beautiful eyes n yet to understand the story

Laugh Unlimit

Who wouldn't laugh with her, when she's throwing million dollar smiles


my bhunteeeeeeee, my diva

Just Married

I guess the picture was taken exactly week after our marriage

Palung - Daman

A place to go for joyride n enjoy the pristine river water

Once upon a time

Once upon a time I had long hairs

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